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Upgrade to

Neteller Vip



Join the VIP club and take advantage of lower fees, 24/7 support, special promotions and extra security.

You only need to open an account using our    link    and discover how to obtain the best service. Everything will run easily and faster.

Limits will become much higher and the fees much lower.


Not a standard customer, receive the best conditions!


As indicated in the tables of this page, the VIP Program and status is calculated upon the transaction activity of the account.


By reaching the respective NETELLER VIP levels, the account is eligible for various benefits including (but not limited to): VIP Fraud Guarantee, Multiple Currency Accounts, a dedicated VIP manager, limit increases, higher cash ATM withdrawal limits or even cashback.

Pay attention: after completing the verification of the accountwe can easily arrange the upgrade to Silver level!


Neteller knows it pays to reward our most loyal and valued members. That’s why the company strives to give the best members an industry-leading VIP program that offers:


Up to 0.5% cash-back every month

Free withdrawals

As little as a 1.25% FX fee

10 free credit card deposits per month

Bonus NETELLER Reward Points

VIP fraud guarantee


VIP Levels – Requirements and Benefits

The VIP levels are normally based on the trasfers that you complete to merchants. Once you reach a Vip level, you keep it for the whole calendar year.

Once you have reached the required transfer volume for the next VIP level, your account will be upgraded automatically within 24h.

Thank our business relationship with the company Paysafe, we can request the upgrade of your account to the SIlver level. It means that you can join the related benefits even though you did not reach the goal of Usd 50,000 in trasfers.


Important: even though your account as a currency different as USD (United States Dollar), the Vip levels, the reward points and the cashback promotions are indicated in Usd.



Check the table below for the most important benefits of each Skrill VIP level and how they will affect your fees and limits. 


Please take in consideration that thank us you keep your Vip Silver status only for the current calendar year. However in case you open an account in the calendar month December, you will keep the status for next year as well.



Cashback & Promos

Reward Points Program

Neteller rewards Platinum VIPs giving 0.25% as cashback and Diamond VIPs wiving 0.5% as cashback, please note only transfers to merchants count (transfers user to user are not taken in consideration).

Once you become Platinum or Diamond, you will receive a cashback for the transfers completed in the same calendar month. If, for example, your VIP status changes to Platinum on 26th of October, you are going to receive a cashback not only for the transfers completed in last 5days of this month.

That´s cool! :)

All VIP clients also collect reward points while depositing on gambling merchants*. For each US dollar you move, you will earn you 1 point (Platinum VIPs earn 1.25 points and Diamond VIPs earn 1.5 points per USD).

Those points can be redeemed for cash, merchandise or digital gift cards in the Point Shop.


Important: in order to accumulate such points, you must register your self to the reward program!



Additionally, VIP customers earn the following Anniversary Reward Points once they reach a new VIP level for the first time (after one year of account registration for new customers) and also earn these points every year at the date of their account registration:

NETELLER Bronze VIP – 1,000 Anniversary Reward Points.

NETELLER Silver VIP – 9,000 Anniversary Reward Points.

NETELLER Gold VIP – 10,000 Anniversary Reward Points.

NETELLER Platinum VIP – 20,000 Anniversary Reward Points.

NETELLER Diamond VIP – 50,000 Anniversary Reward Points.


*please note few merchants are not excluded from this program. As the list could change, we ask you to refer to the updated one visible in your Neteller account


Sign up and verification

It is important to underline that we can ask Neteller to upgrade your account from "standard" to "Vip Silver" only if your identity has been fully verified.

We warmly invite you to read the page "sign up and verification", feel free to click on the button below.