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As you probably know, Skrill and Neteller are the most famous and efficient ewallets. They both belong to the "Paysafe: Group" and have the highest level of security. 

In this page we compare them and provide some tables so that you can have a clear overview of prons and cons  of these deposit methods. 

Please take in consideration that thank our business partnership with the company "Paysafe: group." we can speed up verification and upgrade to the VIP levels, which garantee you better conditions, limits, fees and more.


VIP programs

Both Skrill and NETELLER offer special premium memberships with different VIP levels.

While at Neteller the requirements are on a yearly basis, customers of Skrill need to reach the required amount of transfers within a quarter of a year to reach and maintain the status for the next quarter.

Here is an overview of the required volumes of transactions made to merchants – for the ease of comparisons calculated from yearly and quarterly requirements based on the product:

In case of questions, please read the dedicated pages or contact us via email using the address support@paytoday.info 

Fees and limits

A customer can fund his Neteller or Skrill account with several deposit methods. The company "Paysafe: group", exactly as similar companies, charges a fee in exchange for benefits of using their products. 

We have listed for you methods, fees and limits. As you can notice VIP customers have better conditions and, as you know, you can quickly become a VIP customer thank our good business relationship with "Paysafe: group"

Tables for deposits:


Tables for withdrawals:



These products influenced each other in the past and keep doing it. As we wrote, they are under the product-portfolio of the company "Paysafe: group" and probably in the future will be more or less the same.

However nowdays Neteller and Skrill still have several differences that can be summarized in few main points.


In order to become Vip:

The customer needs to complete the verification and we can speed up the process and arrange the upgrade to Vip Silver. The customer should do no transactions (deposits or transfers) until the account has been successfully upgraded.

Reward Program:

For both standard and vip customers, Neteller let the customer cumulate reward points that can be converted in products or cash (Skrill does not have such program).

Cashback Program:

For Vip clients which reach the status Platinum or Diamond, Neteller assign a huge cashback. It is 0.25% for Platinum customers and 0.5% for Diamond customers (Skrill does not have such program).

Currency exchange fees:

From 1,00 to 3,39% FX fees depending on customers VIP status. Skrill now differs currency exchanges in the following three categories depending on the customers VIP status.


Fees (for deposits):

As indicated in the above tables, the fees of Skrill are lower than the ones of Neteller. Once the customer reaches the Silver status, the deposits are for free for several methods (do not forget that if you are part of our customers-portfolio, you need to complete transactions for only 6k instead of 15k to reach the Silver level)

Fees (for withdrawals with the Skrill-card):

Once the customer reaches the Silver status, the withdrawals with the Skrill-card are for free. Otherwise the Net+card keep having a fee (do not forget that if you are part of our customers-portfolio, you need to complete transactions for only 6k instead of 15k to reach the Silver level)