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Benefits with us

Skrill Cashback Program

Benefits in points!

Why us?!

 Priority track for identity verification.
 Lower requirements for VIP upgrade.
 Dedicated Skrill VIP team 24/7.
 Our internal support via email.

While opening an account using our link, you enjoy the VIP conditions. The Skrill support team takes care of your issues within 1-2 business days.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Conditions & Benefits


All pso Benefits in Details

Skrill already offers a great product, but in combination with our free bonus program you will enjoy so much more benefits and get the most out of your eWallet:


- Faster Upgrade to bronze and silver VIP status (only 3,000 EUR for bronze, 5,000 EUR for silver & 15,000 EUR for gold).


- FREE eWO Cashback (0.3%) & Support Membership.


- FAST track Skrill account verification within 1 business day.


- Personal Skype Support from eWallet-Optimizer.


- HIGHEST Skrill Cashback Program on the net.


15 USD Welcome Bonus for complete new Skrill customers


By using our Skrill Sign Up Promotion, you will earn $15 as new Skrill customer.

In order to receive the $15 eWallet Bonus you need to transfer least $15 from your Skrill Account to a Skrill Merchant made within the first 30 days of your registration.

Please note, your account need to be verified and only funds uploaded through a payment method you have added (bank account & credit card) do count for this promotion. Funds received through p2p transfers cannot be used to fulfill the requirements.


1% Cashback up to 100 EUR for new Skrill VIP customers


Our Skrill clients who are not Skrill VIP yet, are able to join our exclusive Skrill VIP-Upgrade promotion that earn them up to 100 EUR Cash Bonus paid by Skrill in addition.

Regular customers need to transfer a lot more to get upgraded to bronze, silver and gold VIP. For bronze VIPs it is 6,000 EUR, for silver VIP it is 15,000 EUR and 45,000 EUR for gold. Therefore you will enjoy some huge benefit by joining our free eWO Bonus Program.

Please note, the lower requirements are a one-time offer for new eWallet-Optimizer clients. Once you have used our faster VIP Upgrade service you need to reach the standard requirements afterwards to maintain your status or to get upgraded again.

Monthly free pso Skrill Bonus Program


Monthly free eWO Skrill Bonus Program

Every customer who joins our Skrill Bonus program earns 0.3% cashback for all outgoing transfers. This cashback comes in addition to the benefits from the regular Skrill VIP system. Please use our eWO Bonus Calculator to get an idea of the amount you could earn depending on your monthly transfers.

For details, please do not hesitate to contact us .

The 0.3% Skrill bonus is paid every month until the 20th directly into your Skrill account.


Eligible transfers for cashback are all deposits to any merchant like sportsbooks, poker sites, online casinos or forex providers. However, transfers to another Skrill account owner, payments with the MasterCard or withdrawals from any merchant do not not count for our cashback program. For any further questions about eligible transfers, just contact us . We are happy to help.

Start to benefit of our monthly pso Bonus Program

As you can see, joining our eWO Bonus program comes with some huge benefits and is completely free for all our clients.. Make sure to not miss our monthly bonuses, lower VIP requirement or our welcome bonus for new clients. Just follow our instructions on how to join us and become a eWO member now.

If you have any questions about the eWO Bonus you can earn with us, please do not hesitate to contact us . We are here to help.

Please also check our Facebook gallery for recent eWO Bonus payments or ask your friends what they have already earned in our Bonus Programs for the past years.