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prepaid cards

Enjoy instant access to your account balance and use abroad anywhere Mastercard is accepted with a Skrill Prepaid Mastercard. Ordering your card takes seconds and the card is available in four currencies: Euros, British Pounds, US Dollars and Polish Zloty. You’ll receive your card within 7-10 days allowing you to pay online and in store wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark and also withdraw funds at ATMs worldwide.
There are no credit checks and you benefit from the added privacy and security of your Skrill balance not being linked to your bank account.


Prepaid Card Availability

MasterCard - Benefits for the VIP

Skrill card is only available to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Residents of different countries are not able to receive a new Skrill MasterCard, however all other services will stay available.

Easy to be requested, easy to be used. The Skrill Card is a reloadable, prepaid card that you can use to shop online or in store at over 35 million locations worldwide. It is directly linked to your Skrill Digital Wallet, so you have instant access to your funds any time, anywhere.

However, as usual, the Vip status opens the doors to better conditions:

  • NO yearly annual fee;
  • NO purchase fee (for VIPs, otherwise just 10 euro);
  • NO fee for cash withdrawals at the ATM worldwide for silver VIPs or higher and (only 1.80 EUR for VIP with status bronze);
  • It is a Mastercard, it can be used all around the world;
  • Exchange rate fee of 2.49% for standard and Vip Bronze customers, 1.75% for Silver VIPs or higher;
  • Up to 5,000 EUR/24h ATM withdrawal limit (depending on your Skrill VIP status);
  • Up to 10,000 EUR/24h limit for shopping  (depending on your Skrill VIP status).

Refer to the table below to learn more about costs and fees. Please note we have filled out it using te currency euro, however the Skrill card is issued with the same currency of  the associated Skrill account.

Using the card

It might rarely happen that a payment or a cash-withdrawal at an ATM may have been rejected. Maybe you have reached your limit, or your balance isn’t enough to cover the payment, or there is a temporary restriction on your card or account, or you were attempting to use your card to purchase restricted goods or services.


Please check Terms of Use for allowed payment types, and make sure your card or account are not temporarily disabled.






Important: your Skrill Card can be used for offline gambling activities, such as in physical casinos, betting shops etc., but not for online betting.

If you believe you had a sufficient balance and that the payment should have been processed successfully, please contact the Skrill Help Team.

In case you are a VIP please send an email to vip@skrill.com and/or contact your personal manager.

In case of questions, feel free to visit the official page of Skrill and/or to contact our support team: support@paytoday.info