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You account is sure, you funds are safe!


In order to protect your account against unauthorized access, Skrill offers you the best existing method: "Two Factor Authentication."


The two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, is an extra layer of security that requires not only a password and email address but also something that only that user has on them, i.e. a 2FA code sent to their mobile device through a software security token.



Switch on the 2-factor authentication (2FA)


It is very easy and it is for the security of your account!

It takes just few minutes of your time and gives you the feeling that nobody else can have access to your info.

Please follow the described procedure:

1. In your Skrill account click on Settings and then on Security;

2. In the 2-factor authentication tab click on Enable and then on Turn ON 2-factor authentication. This will open the setup window (refer to the image to the right);

3. Install the Google Authenticator app from Apple app store or Google Play store on your phone;

4. Use this APP to scan the QR barcode displayed to you on the setup screen;

5. Enter the 6 digits code displayed by the Google Authenticator app by clicking on Enter key.


6. Click on "verify and save" in order to finalize the setup.


Once the 2-factor authentication activated, a window with 2FA Recovery Codes will be displayed to you. These are one-time use 2FA codes, please keep them in a safe place. If you lose your phone, these 2FA codes can be used to login to your account and generate new ones.

With 2-factor authentication turned ON, you will be required to enter your 2-factor authentication code (found in the Google Authenticator app) during the Login into MyAccount, Skrill mobile applications or Wallet Checkout.


In case of questions please free to visit the official page of Skrill or to contact the support team via email



Trusted device(s)

The "trusted device" is an extra option to improve the security of your account. Any devices not trusted will require customers to generate a 2-factor authentication code to login in.

When you login into MyAccount or Wallet Checkout with the 2-factor authentication you will be presented with a checkbox Trust this device. Checking this box will add the combination device-browser to your trusted devices list inside the 2-factor authentication section.

a) Go to https://account.skrill.com;

b) enter your email and password for your Skrill account;

c) you will be presented with the security token window. Open your Google Authenticator app on your device and enter the 2-factor code displayed to you into the Security Token field.

In case this is your personal device (computer, tablet, smartphont, etc.) and you wish to set it as "trusted", just click inside the box. If you take this action, next time that you use the same device(s) in combination with the same browser, the above pop-up window will not appear anymore. 

You can add up to 5 trusted devices (browsers or mobile devices). You can remove old devices to add new ones through the trusted devices list in the 2-factor authentication section.


In case of questions please free to visit the official page of Skrill or to contact the support team via email