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         sign up & verification

The account verification is necessary to unlock the multiple doors!


Due to law reasons not only Skrill, otherwise other eWallet companies, bookmakers, casinos, poker rooms ask their customers to verify their identity.


Very often this process is named "KYC" (know your customer) and the majority of companies apply it mainly, but not only, for the following reasons:


  1. Each customer is supposed to be 18+ years old
  2. To avoid potential identity theft cases

Thank our business relationship with the company Paysafe Group Limited, we can speed up the verification process for you!

Please sign up and verify your identity following the instructions of this page.

Your account could be verified within only 24 hours . In addition, based on transfers to gambling merchants, it might be manually upgraded to a VIP level


Sign up process

It is time to enjoy Skrill!

The sign up process is fast and for free. The button below is a link to the registration page of Skrill. After clicking on it, please add your personal details and decide a currency.

Please pay high attention while adding your details in order to avoid typing errors. In addition keep in mind that the currency cannot be changed afterwards

(as Vip customer you will be allowed to open a second account different by email and currency, we describe this possibility in another section).  

Few seconds (or in rare cases minutes) after the registration you will receive an automatic email. In the text of the email there is a link that you should click in order to complete the sign up. 

Important: rarely the email could be in your spam or junk box (check this box as well)

After confirming your email address, you are in your standard account. Please note you need to verify your identity in order to obtain fantastic advantages in future.

Which documents are needed?

Here a list of documents that Skrill requests in order to fully verify the account. Please note not only Skrill, otherwise many other companies of the gaming-industry ask for such documents. 

  1. Passport OR driver License OR national ID card: front side 
  2. Passport OR driver License OR national ID card: back side 
  3. Selfie: you holding your document next to your face (the info on your ID should be readable)
  4. Address verification*: a gas/electricity bill or a bank statement - in any case not older than 3 months 

*(not needed in case the registered billing address is the same that appear on your personal ID)

All documents have to respect the following features:

- all 4 corners visible;

- clearly readable pictures/photo (a modern mobile phone is good enough).

How do I provide the documents?

​Login in your account, go to the section "Settings" and click on "Verification". Then select one of the three options. 


- the "standard" customers have to fund the account before having the possibility to verify the account. In addition the verification of their documents take up to few business days.

- the customers who use our link or banner, do not need to fund the account before sendin the documents. In addition they will be treated with highest priority!


If you do not prefer to use the webcam and/or to use the App, feel free to use the third option. The third option is not going to be the slowest if you use our link or banner.

In any case, please do not fund your account, otherwise provide your documents right after opening the account and the Team of Skrill will review them within 24 hours.



  • If one or more docs are not approved, you will receive an email from Skrill´s team. The email states which document you need to provide to complete the verification.
  • If all docs are approved, you will not receive a confirmation email. Just login in your account 24 hours after you provided the documents and double check in the section "Settings".


When the verification has been completed, send an email to support@paytoday.info. Use the email address that you opened your account with and add your Skrill ID as text and subject of the email. 

Receving such email, we will double check that your Skrill ID has been correctly added to our customers-portfolio, so that in future you will be able to enjoy the benefits of our business-relationship with "Paysafe: group"


The benefits are listed in the page "Skrill, upgrade to Vip"


    Select and read our page "Skrill, upgrade to Vip" and look at the advantages of chosing our link to complete registrations and verifications with us.

    Thank our business relationship with the company "Paysafe: group", you can quickly verify your account, have higher transactions limits and lower fees.

    All steps clear? Then it is time to open and verify your Skrill account!