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what is it?

Deposit, withdraw, transfer money online

SKRILL in few points

Nowdays trusted by millions of customers all around the world, Skrill is an eWallet service owned and operated by publicly traded British global payments company Paysafe Group. The Neteller service is used to transfer money to and from merchants, such as forex trading firms, social networks firms, and can withdraw funds directly using the Skrill-card or transfer the balance to the own bank accounts.

High-turnover customers are offered premium membership called "Skrill VIP" that includes additional features, multi-currency accounts and the ability to earn loyalty gift and/or cashback.

Our goal is to show yout the potential of this famous eWallet and the multiple advantages that you can have while opening an account using our link or banner.

Easy way to transfer money online.
Available by the best sportsbetting, casino, poker and forex sites.
Fast & professional support for VIPs.

The verification is a must.
High currency exchange fees.
Slow support for standard customers.

Skrill  &  PAYtoday.info – Benefits

Opening an account through us

We show you how easy is to set up and verify and new Skrill account.

In addition we offer you more details about the advantages that come with a Skrill account such as their VIP System, the Skrill MasterCard and much more.

By signing up through our website you receive several benefits!

The verification of your account will follow a faster track, you can easily become VIP and could count on our pluriannual experience with this famous eWallet

  • Priority track for identity verification. 

  •  Our internal support via email.

  • Suggestions thank our pluriannual experience

Skrill  –  Screenshots

Skrill VIP program


Transfers to merchants for a total of 6,000 euro are needed to reach the level VIP Bronze
With Paytoday.info, only 3,000euro 

Transfers to merchants for a total of 15,000 euro are needed to reach the level VIP Silver

With Paytoday.info, only 5,000euro 

Transfers to merchants for a total of 45,000 euro are needed to reach the level VIP Gold

With Paytoday.info, only 10,000euro 

Transfers to merchants for a total of 90,000 euro are needed to reach the level VIP Diamond

Join the VIP club and take advantage of lower fees, 24/7 support, special promotions and extra security.

The entry rules are simple: the more you transfer using your Skrill wallet, the more benefits and rewards you earn (only deposits to merchants are relevant).

Not a standard customer, receive the best conditions!

The first step is to open an account using one of ours link

Complete the verification and let us know your Skrill ID (via email). Within 24 hours we will confirm that you have been correctly added in our customers-portfolio, and you can start transacting and enjoy the product. With our special conditions you can easily become VIP!

Have a look to the page "upgrade to Skrill Vip"


Please note that we do not request your personal details and/or documents. The whole registration and verification process is completed directly with Skrill.


Skrill security


Security is an important topic in general, but especially for eWallet customers it is even more important to keep your funds as safe as possible. Skrill offers a great in-house security feature, which helps you to secure your account.

Two-Step Authentication (2FA)​

Every time you sign into your account or make a transaction, your smartphone or tablet will generate a one-time-use code. This code comes in addition to standard login details and changes every 30 seconds. This makes it impossible for someone to break into your account. In combination with strong password you have a really safe place to keep your funds.

You can find a quick step-by-step guide about how to set up this additional security feature on our Skrill Security page.

Skrill also offered a hardware security token to protect your account. This token is no longer available and was replaced by the two-step authentication. However, some customers who still have an old token are able to use it.

Skrill - MasterCard

The Skrill MasterCard works like every other prepaid MasterCard and is the perfect way to get access to your Skrill funds fast and easy all over the world. You can access your savings without worrying about paying high commissions. Your available balance with the prepaid MasterCard is the same as in your Skrill account.

Compared to other eWallet providers the fees for the Skrill MasterCard are very low and Silver VIPs or higher can use the card for free without paying any fees. You can find more info on the dedicated page.

Skrill – Withdrawal Options​

Skrill - Deposit Options

There are a lot of different options available to deposit funds into your account. Besides the standard bank transfer option, you can also use:





Please note, depending on your country of residence the fees for the different options can vary. Make sure to check the fees for your current location before making a deposit.

The following payment options are available to cashout. You can withdraw your money by using the following options:





In addition you can also use your Skrill PrePaid MasterCard for ATM withdrawals and send money via p2p transfer to other Skrill accounts (no commissions apply for Vip Silver or higher).


Learn more surfing between our pages and/or review the official pages of Skrill! In case of questions, feel free to write us!