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Skrill Affiliate


Interested affiliates can apply to become Skrill Affiliates in order to receive a revenue share depending of referred Skrill clients’ depositing activities.

The Affiliate commission is paid daily right into the affiliate’s Skrill member account. It is possible to keep track of referred Skrill customers and daily earnings within the Skrill referral report where new referrals and earned Skrill commissions are shown. Skrill doesn’t have an affiliate tool like NETELLER for example, but it is possible to receive a monthly report for referred clients and earned Skrill commission.

Skrill Affiliate – Revenue share


Referring to Affiliate Terms & Conditions, affiliates can earn 20% revenue share as Skrill Affiliates per month. Skrill commissions are normally limited to 1 year after customers’ registration.

Considering a referred customer transfers 100 EUR from his Skrill account to a merchant who pays 2.5% fee, the Affiliate will then earn:
100 EUR * 20% * 2.5% = 0.50 EUR.

A Skrill Affiliate can check his affiliate earnings within the Skrill referral report where daily commissions per Skrill customer ID are presented.


Skrill Affiliate – Contact


If you want to learn more about the Skrill Affiliate program, please feel free to contact affiliates@skrill.com.

You might also want to contact us to benefit of our excellent relationship and possible sub-affiliate offers.

Skrill Affiliate – US Affiliates


Affiliates operating from the US are not able to join the Skrill program at this time.
If you are from the US and still interested in promoting eWallet like NETELLER or Skrill, you might want to learn about our partner program instead.


Skrill Affiliate – Refer a Friend


By referring friends to Skrill you can earn 10% of your friends Skrill fees, up to 100 EUR max.

Please note that your friend will then be NOT be able to join additional Skrill Bonus Programs like our Skrill Bonus Program.

Skrill Affiliate – eWallet-Optimizer Partner Program


Please check our partner program to learn more about how to advertise eWallets with our help without any time commitments and best possible conditions for your customers by earning a full Skrill affiliate share.

If you have any questions about the Skrill Affiliate Program, please do not hesitate to contact us .